Raspberry Pi Bakeoff

Recently, Hendrix college held its first Raspberry Pi Bakeoff, a demonstration of what all a Raspberry Pi computer can do.

Mostly I filled a support role in helping Tony Bates (the human force behind ArkGeekCentral) get his array of Pi's and equipment setup.

My Raspberry Pi served duty as part of Garduino, a mix between Arduino and Raspberry Pi, combined with some moisture sensors, a relay and a water pump.

The Garduino was developed by Shawn Goicoechea, part of LaLucha Space and is quite clever. It is a way for your garden to know when it is too dry, and turn on a water sprinkler if it is late enough in the day. The Raspberry Pi can update a webpage with its status or send an email notification.

The Garduino took first place at the bakeoff. It was created primarily for the Faulkner County Urban Farm Project

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The man behind the curtain

Vincent is above all things, a dad. Time that is not spent learning what it is to be a dad and enjoying that journey is spent immersed in the ever evolving realm of all things digital.  He likes to tinker with anything electronic. Often that means making his android phone do complex, but silly things.  He likes to experiment with new languages and stays current on new development strategies and methods. His life is often consumed with being a middling squire and apprentice Armorer