• Texarkana Chamber of Commerce
    A custom Drupal instance with third party database integration. A hot deals section that crowdsources deals and promotions in the area and holds them for admin review and publishing in a views based listing.
  • Arkansas Farm Bureau - Farm to Table Blog
    A Wordpress blog with custom layout. Custom post types and heavy theme alterations deliver an exciting experience and deep insight into all of the food that Arkansas Produces. Updated regularly with fresh recipes.
  • Independence County
    A custom views based site with custom web-services module that imports data from UALR. Demographic data is collated by the economic research center, and then pulled via AJAX by the custom module.
  • Connect Arkansas
    Heavily views based site with live streaming and plenty of polish. A members-only section using OG and Profile 2 makes for an interactive site that spreads the knowledge around.
  • Blackjack Boats
    A views based boat showcase utilising html 5, css3 and responsive design. SEO Optimised and mobile ready.
  • Arkansas Corn and Grain
    Corn and Grain is a site to research information related to growing, producing and harvesting agricultural products. It contains custom modules that present Futures market trends and Weather information.
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The man behind the curtain

Vincent is above all things, a dad. Time that is not spent learning what it is to be a dad and enjoying that journey is spent immersed in the ever evolving realm of all things digital.  He likes to tinker with anything electronic. Often that means making his android phone do complex, but silly things.  He likes to experiment with new languages and stays current on new development strategies and methods. His life is often consumed with being a middling squire and apprentice Armorer