New cultures bring new challenges. New environments bring different perspectives.
Thus, I have to respond differently. I have challenges with a co-worker, a couple co-workers actually, but I can let most crap slide. However, one of my triggers is passive-agressive behavior. I dealt with it enough when I was younger - and I tend to be more direct.

Security and Apathy

So, I feel obligated to take issue with an apathetic stance on privacy. It is true that privacy is largely a personal responsibility. It's up too each of us, according to the degree of concern, to secure those things we wish to keep private. As part of the EFF and being involved in various projects, either personally or part of work, I hear from users that maintaining a secure posture with regards to privacy and security is difficult. "It's complicated and cumbersome" or "It takes too much time"


Saw the headshrink today - we talked about anxiety and such. She had me list all the things I am involved in outside of work. I am Deputy A&S minister for Kingdom, on the princess's guard, I help out on the Kingdom website, A&S lackey for the Mists and learning Armoring, Metalworking, Leather and how not to suck at combat. 


4 kids at home. I help with homework, and try really hard to be there when they go to sleep and I always wake them up. 



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The man behind the curtain

Vincent is above all things, a dad. Time that is not spent learning what it is to be a dad and enjoying that journey is spent immersed in the ever evolving realm of all things digital.  He likes to tinker with anything electronic. Often that means making his android phone do complex, but silly things.  He likes to experiment with new languages and stays current on new development strategies and methods. His life is often consumed with being a middling squire and apprentice Armorer