Einey Meany Miney mo?

One always aspire's to be 'the real deal'. Your mom and your significant other tell you that you're great, and while you respect thier opinions, you crave external validation. When your friends acknowledge it, it gives you warm fuzzies. When a few colleagues acknowledge it - you start to think maybe you're not a poser.  Then you get a decent job and your estimation of yourself and your abilities increase. Without any real warning a big name drags you within it's orbit and makes it known without any ambiguity that you're the real deal. Then - an even bigger name with some outstanding potential for you to grow and expand drops something in your lap - something beyond the dreams of a novice hacker in a tiny apartment in the projects with a cheap ass PC clone - could ever have dreamed or hoped for.


There's really isn't any doubt - you're a badass.

It scares you to fucking death.


You have no idea what to do.


You don't know who to talk to, because no one you know has dealt with this mess at this scale.


You make stuff. You keep your nose down, trying new things, experimenting and trying to learn.

You don't understand vesting, or what is a good or bad signing bonus. There are so many pitfalls with these kinds of things, so many horror stories, you simply can't process all of the variables and create a functioning decision.


Einey Meany Miney Mo sounds like a bad way to choose.


It doesn't help that you have made connections with people that insire you and make you want to change some of those annoying habits and make a better you. How do I know I will find those kinds of people?  Is that something that should influence your decision?


As my 5th grade boy says 'ugggggguhhhh'



I've had to use the same decision making game. It worked for me! Good luck Vin.

You got this! Don't worry about the finer points-- they will come with time. 

Just keep being the amazing person that landed you this. :)

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The man behind the curtain

Vincent is above all things, a dad. Time that is not spent learning what it is to be a dad and enjoying that journey is spent immersed in the ever evolving realm of all things digital.  He likes to tinker with anything electronic. Often that means making his android phone do complex, but silly things.  He likes to experiment with new languages and stays current on new development strategies and methods. His life is often consumed with being a middling squire and apprentice Armorer